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Keys 2 Drive Free Lesson

keys 2 drive

We at Port Macquarie Driving School are part of the Keys 2 Drive program and as such we fully support the program. This is a federally funded program initiated by the Australian Automobile Association. Their aim is to provide a free driving lesson to every learner driver in Australia. How to obtain your free session:

1. Click here to go to the Keys 2 Drive website.
2. Login to receive your free lesson code.
3. Phone us or email or SMS to give us your code. We will then arrange your lesson at a time suitable to you and your supervising trainer.


Please remember that whoever you choose to act as your supervisor must be in full attendance for the whole hourly session. Without them in attendance we will not be able to proceed. Learning to drive is stressful but also teaching someone to drive is just as stressful if not more so. On the Keys 2 Drive website there is a tremendous amount of information for supervising teachers to help them get the best results from their teaching techniques. The Federal Government has committed $17 million to this program and has recently decided to contribute another $10 million due to the excellent results achieved by learner drivers who have completed the program.

From the day a learner driver receives P plates, the possibility of having an accident within the next 6 months escalates by 20 to 30 times compared to a fully licensed driver. When you are learning on L plates, it is probably the safest time in your driving career. Keys 2 Drive program is designed to help improve driver safety by fostering a partnership between learners, their supervising drivers and an accredited professional driving instructor. We hope to help you develop skills and experience by encouraging you to participate in this exciting initiative in Australian driver safety.

If you are not one of our current students we look forward to meeting you personally on the day of the lesson.


If you are looking for normal lessons, contact us here